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Frequently Asked Questions

An evaluation is required before a determination about eligibility can be made. A parent/guardian or a teacher may refer a child for an evaluation. The school cannot refuse a request for an evaluation. Contact the Special Education Coordinator for your child’s grade level and/or the District’s Special Education Director to request an evaluation. Insert link to download request for evaluation file

The school must contact parents/guardians within 5 school days for written permission to begin the evaluation. Sign and return this consent form as soon as possible.

The school must complete the evaluation within 30 school days of the parent/guardian’s written permission for evaluation.

A team meeting must be held to discuss the evaluation and to determine eligibility and to complete the IEP for an eligible student within 45 days of the parent’s/guardian’s written permission.

Upon parent/guardian request, the school must provide copies of all special education evaluation reports to the parents/guardians at least two school days before the Team meeting. Most experts recommend making this request.

For evaluations requested at the end of the school year, if written parental permission to evaluate is received within 30 to 45 school days before the end of the school year (last day of school), the school district must ensure that a Team meeting is scheduled so as to allow for the provision of a proposed IEP or written notice of the finding that the student is not eligible no later than 14 days after the end of the school year (last day of school).

Parents/guardians may hire professionals outside of the school system to conduct evaluations, but be sure to coordinate outside evaluations with the school to avoid duplication.  The Team may consider outside evaluations, but the School has the right to dispute or disregard recommendations or diagnoses made by outside evaluators.

Eligibility is determined at an IEP Team Meeting, which the school schedules and coordinates. According to IDEA, the following people must be part of the Team:

  1. The parent(s) or guardian(s)
  2. At least one of your child’s special education teachers and/or providers (if applicable)
  3. At least one of your child’s regular education teachers
  4. Other individuals or agencies, invited by the parent or the school district
  5. Someone to interpret the evaluation results and explain what services may be needed
  6. Your child if they are between the ages of 14-22
  7. Other people or agencies that have special expertise or knowledge of your child.

To be eligible for special education services, the evaluations must answer the following questions:

  1. Does the child have a disability?
  2. Does the disability cause the child to be unable to progress effectively in regular education?
  3. Does the child require specially designed instruction to make progress or does the child require a related service or services in order to access the general curriculum?


The answer to all three of these questions must be “YES” for a child to be found eligible for special education services.

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